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Dot System will be present also at the next edition of Eurasia Rail, which will be held in Izmir, Turkey, from 10 to 12 April 2019.

The third most important fair of the railway sector will be held again in Turkey, but will move to Izmir.

Izmir and its 4 million habitants will host over 200 exhibitors and the expected more than 12,000 visitors from 25 nations. Numbers that represent the importance of the sector in this area so large and so eager to improve.

Dot System emphasizes, as always, systems of its own design and development, relating to entertainment (TrainPAD), passenger information (PIS systems) and support for on-board personnel with video camera systems for Track View, Rear View, Door View and video surveillance systems (CAMellia Camera).

Render CAMellia Rear View Base fixing - 001

The high flexibility and reliability of the on-board information systems allow us to satisfy the most demanding requests of Dot System customers.