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Dot System was funded in 1990 , It grew  supplying onboard railway products and solutions  and light rail vehicles applications.

Actually, DOT System produces and delivers specific products for TCMS applications, assistance driving vehicles applications, MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) on-board communication system and passengers information solutions.

DOT System gained a significant and widely recognised position as an  electronic products and systems for on-board equipment on railway vehicles reliable supplier.


We developed and implemented many products for railway market, also customized on specific Client requirement.

Moreover, we implemented new partnerships and global design projects; our competencies and strong skills in the rail market allow us to handle the different steps , from R&D and Project Management to the logistic management.

Dot System has a Challenge:

  • Improve the train information handling
  • Implement new communication technologies
  • Create new entertainment Solutions
  • Increase his Management System in T.C.M.S. market


Employment and Validations:

  • There are still working 40 people, including employees and consultants
  • 30% of us are involved in R&D activities
  • DOT System is certified
    • ISO9001
    • Unife-IRIS (for railway market)
    • OHSAS18001
  • The Head Quarter is located in Lomagna (Italy)