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a revolution for rail info and passenger amusement, it’s a beginning of a new era


TrainPAD® is a high quality device featured by a 9 or 10.6 and 12.1 Inches high resolution LCD Display with strong ‘multi touch’, ‘NFC’ interface, stereo audio and other advanced and attractive features. A compact, low power and light weight design, makes TrainPAD® a truly surprising high performance device for individual, highly enjoyable, on train entertainment offer. TrainPAD® brings the well known and universally appreciated user experience, performance and versatility of ‘pad’ devices on a train, jointly to the high level of robustness and reliability required by the rail standards.

For the first time on a public ground vehicle TrainPAD®, empowered by the standard Ethernet technology, offers a virtually unlimited set of top class multimedia services, including the chance to get the most fascinating and trendy ‘APPs’ from one of the largest ‘APP’ store on the world, or to enjoy the once exclusively developed by the rail Operator for its value Customers. Overall, TrainPAD® can be continuously updated with new services, features and attractive ‘APPs’ and can be foundation for a promising new business model for the rail Companies.

At the heart of TrainPAD® there are the universally standard recognised Ethernet architecture  technology. The “Multimedia Server”, have been specifically designed and proven for the high demanding rail requirements.

The Multimedia Server can delivers up to two high quality ‘HD’ class videos, high quality stereo audio and bidirectional data over a low cost, highly standardized Cat5e shielded Ethernet cable inside a rail vehicle. Moreover, on the same Cat5e cable, it is possible to carry the Power supply (PoE) for the TrainPAD® units sharing the same cable. The ‘head’ of the TrainPAD® devices is centralized in a technical room in the “Multimedia Server units“.

The Multimedia Server is a centralized processing and storage Unit, perfect solution for any kind of integrated Passenger information, Passenger entertainment and multimedia experiences systems in a trains, trams, metro and  any rail vehicles.

Multimedia SERVER” combines in one device impressive processing power, huge storage, extremely performing connections and networking resources, low power consumption, high reliability and long life cycle.

Every information, entertainment and high performances and high capacity network.

The “Multimedia Server” is based on powerful 64 bits quad core ARM® architecture supported by 4 or, optionally, 8 Gigabytes of ‘DDR4’ main Memory.

A strong support of high speed interfaces, mainly ‘Sata’, Ethernet’ and ‘PCIe’, coupled to the high performance cores and data paths, allows the execution of many different high demanding tasks, including the streaming of multiple high quality video.

The “Multimedia Server” family includes a rugged, State of the art, Solid State Disk Storage (SSDS) technology. The modular construction and the wide availability of SSDS capacity and technology, allow to tailor-made the product at the application requirements.

The “Multimedia Server” is powered by an internal ‘Universal range’ Power Supply. A special ‘Back-up’ Module, based on a Supercapacitors technology, assures safe and controlled shutdown of the products in every conditions, avoiding the risks of corruption of the stored video or the whole ‘File system’.

Installation integrated in the back of the seat,

in the arm rest or in other positions required by the customer.


Services on board can be customised by the Transport Service Provider. Here following some ideas of what TraiPAD® can offers to your passengers:

Travel map & Tourist info

Look your actual position on the map, see the nearest station and the most interesting cities along the travel, by joining data from the train and the web.


Select your favourite drink, breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner and order directly from your seat. It will be served directly at your seat in a minutes.


Read your preferred daily newspaper or a magazine.


Navigate in the web at the right speed.

Market Place

Take advantage of the special conditions reserved to you for the purchase on contracted market place.


Send and receive emails.

Play on train

Play alone or challenge your traveller mates in the most attractive play for you.

Track view

Look the track under the train and enjoy the thrill of the speed in HQ cam viewer.

Music and Video

Select a music, film, documentary and other from a vast collection.

Live Streaming TV

Select your favourite channel like to be in the living room at home. Try the thrill of feeling you at home, sitting on a train.

Audio Books1
Audio Books

Select a book title and enjoy while the reader will give you a relaxing involvement in the book.


Have a look on the weather at destination and forecast for the next trip or the next days.