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Dot System does not only look for a better and substantial quality in its products and services, but constantly works to improve its own quality system.

It is thanks to this way of thinking that Dot System has obtained:

  • in 2010 the ISO9001:2008 certification the most popular standard for quality improvement
  • in August 2018 the NEW  IRIS Certification in accordance with the rules  2017 and based on ISO/TS 22163:2017 concerning the Management System of Dot System srl. This rule has been specifically issued to be applied on the companies of the railway industry, with the aim of creating a common system of quality assessment, recognized at international level. The new Certification is an extension of the IRIS Certification obtained the first time in the year 2010;
  • in 2012 the OHSAS18001 certification, (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series), for the management of assets for the safety and health of workers.

For many years Dot System has also activated a process of computerization of its activities, through the development of a highly customized software, designed to ensure the correct circulation and sharing of information and know-how within the company.
The software is granting an optimal management of registrations relevant to the product development and qualification activities, as well as checking all the changes made to its products over the time.
It is possible to check the production of every single item together with all the information related to it (versions of the configurations of each delivered piece, history of updates, test certificates, transport documents, eventual repairs).

The quality policy of Dot System is available, upon request, to all internal and external partners interested.