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TrainPAD® is a high quality device featured by a 9, 10.6 and 12.1 Inches high resolution LCD Display with robust ‘multi-touch’, ‘NFC’ interface, stereo audio and other advanced and attractive features. A compact, low power and light weight design, makes TrainPAD® a truly surprising high performance device …


CAMellia Video Camera


CAMellia FHD-265” is a network Video Camera specifically designed for high quality Image acquisition, conform to the requirement of the Railway industry, with many applications on board of trains, trams, metro and light rails vehicls.“CAMellia FHD-265” is equipped with a high performance processor and specific hardware for high quality and high efficiency real time Image compression, based on the most advanced available standards H265….


CCTV is one of the most required systems to be installed on board of trams, EMU trains and light trains, as Videosurveillance system.

The Videosuviellance is composed at least by a quantity of Cameras, one Multimedia Monitor and a relevant quantity of Multimedia Recorder (depending on the required quality, frame rate, days recorded and hours per day to be recorded.

From a Simple CCTV installation of Videosurveillance, to Rear View System, to Track View etc, the focus of Dot System is to combine all the systems together and manage all the data and images in the best way passengers have neer seen before….


Passengers Information


Recently, the demand for ‘More performance’, ‘More attention to quality’ and recording systems (Track View) more oriented to the ‘SAFETY‘ aspect for uses on trams, EMU trains and light trains, is growing by the operators.

Dot System is following the right path by improving the systems dedicated to the real time information to the passengers regarding the travel, touristic, social and economical/political.

This is now possible, integrating “All in one System“, available in different and felexiblle configuration….