Dot System does not only look for a better and substantial quality in its products and services, but constantly works to improve its Quality system, a topic condition to obtain quality itself.

Thanks to this way of thinking that Dot System has obtained:

  • in 2010 the ISO9001:2008 certification, the most popular standard for quality improvement
  • in 2010 the IRIS certification, promoted by UNIFE (Association of European Railway Industries) and specially designed for companies in the rail sector with the aim of creating a common system of quality assessment, internationally recognized
  • in 2012 the OHSAS18001 certification, (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series), for assets management for workers safety and health

For many years, Dot System has also initiated a computerizing process developing of its activities, thanks to this software, that is always under improving, the company has been able to grant the circulation and sharing of information and know-how within the company, to manage and improve the recording of development activities and products qualifications, to check any change made to its products during the time, to check the company’s production of each single unit and all information related to them (configuration of the delivered items, test certificates, shipping documents, repairs and updates history, and so on).