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MVB-LOGGER Scontornato


‘Prevent’ failures and ‘Predict’ Maintenance.

The best ‘tailor made’ product designed to collect selected data to turn into precious information.

The data analysis and combination will give you a generation of events able to drive you to relevant actions to ‘Prevent’ failures and ‘Predict’ necessary and targeted maintenance.

The MVB-ETHERNET-CAN LOGGER is the device that allow the collection, management and transfer to ground through proper 3G/4G/LTE, billions of selected data per day per train.

By managing this amount of data/information, it is possible to achieve the target of reduction of operational risks thanks to the fact that you may be able to ‘Prevent’ failures, thus improving the vehicles availability and relevant efficiency and reliability of trains.

All this can be reassumed in a few simple words: ‘Reduction of Maintenance Costs’ and consequent ‘Reduction of train Life Cycle Cost’.

Dot System Newsletter July 2017