In the recent times, a growing demand for higher performance, higher quality and safer electronic Mirrors (‘Rear View System’) for trams, light and EMU trains is arising from the rail operators.


What do practically mean the new higher requirements ?


  • ‘Higher performance’ means short, close to ‘zero’, delay (‘latency time’) from the production of the image to the display on the cockpit monitor.
  • ‘Higher quality’ means higher resolution, higher frame rate better details, higher dynamic range of the image luminosity and colors, higher sensitivity in a close to dark conditions.
  • ‘Safer’ means strict control on the image flow from the production to the display, insurance for constant rate transmission over the media and ‘atomicity’ of the image processing.

What ‘Hyper Dot Link™’ (HDL™) is ?

Hyper Dot Link™ is a state of art technology specifically developed to address the high requirements of modern ‘Rear View’ Systems.

Hyper Dot Link™ is based on a dedicated ‘hyper speed’ network and on a specific hardware to achieve unprecedent quality and performances in a video production, distribution and visualization in rail vehicles.

The ‘hyper speed’ network, physically implemented by the same materials and parts used for standard mid speed rail network infrastructure, and the highly efficient hardware based transmission protocols, are the keys for a successful challenge for a safe implementation of ‘Rear View’ Systems and, at the same time, offer a great simplification of the overall process.

The huge performance and bandwidth budget available in the HDL networks, allow to quickly meet the three main stones for ‘Safe Rear View’ systems.

At the same time, the cost penalty due to a dedicated network can be compensated by lower cost of the devices.



“HDL VideoCR” to be used only if there is a need to records the images produced  by the “Safety Rear View”.

The compression of the images produced by the HDL structure for the transmission to the opposite cab through the Ethernet backbone, can be done by the Rear View MONITOR used for the TCMS side as well.

HDL Rear View


HDL Rear View


HDL Rear View